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Wrapped up Aravind Adiga's 'The White Tiger' the last weekend. A tale of the contemporary mores of what India is going through right now through the eyes of a rural low caste (someone who is in the pits of darkness) who makes it in the urban Indian jungle (or the shiny part of the so-called 'India Shining').

Here are a few dog eared bits from the book that caught my attention:

The Duality of India:
"My country is the kind where it pays to play it both ways: the Indian entrepreneur has to be straight and crooked, mocking and believing, sly and sincere, at the same time." [Pg 8-9]

Survival of the Fittest:
"To sum up - in the old days there were one thousand castes and destinies in India. These days, there are just two castes: Men with Big Bellies, and Men with Small Bellies.
And only two destinies: eat - or get eaten up." [Pg 64]

The Voting Non-Existent:
"I am India's most faithful voter, and still I have not seen the inside of a voting booth." [Pg 102]

The Great Indian Servant:
"The trust worthiness of servants is the basis of the entire Indian economy."

"Never before in human history have so few owed so much to so many, Mr Jiabao. A handful of men in this country have trained the remaining 99.9 per cent - as strong, as talented, as intelligent in every way - to exist in perpetual servitude; a servitude so strong that you can put the key of his emancipation in a man's hands and he will throw it back at you with a curse." [Pg 175 - 176]

End of Servitude = End of the Rich:
"Iqbal, that great poet, was so right. The moment you recognize what is beautiful in this world, you stop being a slave. To hell with the naxals and their guns shipped from China. If you taught every poor boy how to paint, that would be the end of the rich in India." [Pg 276]

The New Indian Revolution:
"The book of your revolution sits in the pit of your belly, young Indian. Crap it out, and read.
Instead of which, they're all sitiing in front of colour TVs and watching cricket and shampoo advertisements." [Pg 304]

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