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We're back to an oral tradition, where we all pass things, songs, graphics, visuals, videos, it's code for culture handed back and forth.

"There's a thousand people that will shoot me, but I'm starting to think we're not just storytellers, the world isn't about just stories, it's about ideas. We've moved through this hyper creative period, this is going to be the year or two of effectiveness. The trick is, as an industry that values storytelling, we're going to have to figure out how to achieve effectiveness through telling multiple, low-risk, culturally relevant stories."

"Think of the exponential impact of 'Jim just viewed the adidas video'. It goes out into his world and the comments that go with it; when we talk about total content, constant communications, it's not an agency that makes that content, it's not consumer generated advertising. It's just discussion."

[Creativity Magazine]
— Colleen DeCourcy (Chief Digital Officer @ TBWA Worldwide)

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